Saturday, October 9, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

Today is the start of Canadian Thanksgiving which lasts for three days. We don't have a specific day to eat our turkey - it can happen anytime over this weekend. I remember when Ben was about 15 that he and his friend decided to see how many turkey dinners they could get invited to. If my recollection is correct, they ate - and more remarkably, enjoyed! - 7 dinners, including ours.

I have these questions in my mind:

Why do turkeys have to suffer in a continent wide blitzkrieg (does that mean slaughter? It sounds like it does...)?
Why do Americans add macaroni and cheese to an otherwise lovely dinner?
Why is Thanksgiving dinner so beige? Did you notice that even the vegys - carrots, turnips, squash - are beige? The entire meal would lack beauty if not for the lowly cranberry.
Why does a pumpkin pie taste almost the same as carrot pie? True fact.
What did my gramma Iva put in her dressing that made it look green?

There is so much to ponder on this Thanksgiving.

Like why do I have so much blessing?
And why do I sometimes feel ungrateful?

As usual we won't have a 'family thanksgiving.' We rarely have family here on special occasions. There is always as sense of loss, but it doesn't last long when it isn't brooded on. It's lovely today to think of my fair country and my many friends with their many roasting turkeys, kids bursting in doors and loud laughing, jello salads and home made buns. Blessings sometimes come in bunches, like on a day of Thanksgiving.


Krissi said...

1. Your macaroni and cheese comment is so funny.

2. What is carrot pie?

John David Walt said...

My question: why does Canada feel the need to copy The USA on this holiday??? ;0)

Shepherd Snapshots said...

I like JDW's comment. :)
In my (American) family, chicken and dumplings are included in every holiday/special meal. That might me be weirder than mac and cheese.

Branjawn said...

In the South we have the staple of Sweet Potato Casserole. And a proper one doesn't not have marshmallows on it, that is heresy I tell you! Brown sugar and Pecans, that's proper. Anyways, you haven't had my wife's pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin. Next time you are in Raleigh I will get one to you though.