Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a funny thing was said on the swing

I am still laughing about this. Steve and I were on the swing in our backyard last night, just watching the sun set and swatting mosquitos. It was a moment of deep conversation.

I said, "Did your dad have a big head?" (Steve and our boys are notorious for their big heads.) He replied, "O he had a good sized melon, sure enough."

Hmmm. So more thought, and I said, "My mom had big feet. I have her big feet. Why do you think God put us in families whose genes have big feet and big heads. Everyone else gets all the fun big stuff."

Without a beat Steve replies, "Because he really didn't want us to reproduce."

I laughed then, I am laughing now. It is funny. Think about it.


Krissi said...

What does it say about me that it took me no time to get that? You two are so fantastic:)

Lee Ann said...

You all are so hilarious, and I love that you, "the pastor's wife", are willing to share that.