Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a mind at ease

so when your mind is at ease, what floats through it? Here are some kernels of wisdom that have been passing back and forth through my synapses.

First a story - our Blaise in Indonesia, loves his cowboy costume. A few nights ago, according to Ben, he was in his bedroom and started shouting out, "Will someone please help me tie my bandana?" He parents said, "Just come out here and we'll help you." And so he did. The dear boy had put on his whole costume, chaps, hat, belt, gun, vest... without any clothes under it. A VERY BIG family laugh at that one...

So... other things...

1. Having kids around (two girls, not to mention names) means you do a lot of kitchen work. I forgot how much a kid can eat.

2. It is not advantageous to pluck nose hairs in preparation for sex. Even though it may possibly make one look more attractive, it is not good for the disposition.

3. Pouring pop onto ice cream makes a mess. Far better to put the pop in first and gently lower the ice cream on top.

That's pretty much the wisdom for today. We'll wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Anonymous said...

mare -

so glad you are quote you, "...when I do, I will know that I am better." i'm so happy you are better and to be reading your creative blogs once again.


Krissi said...

You know, I've been doing quite well here all by myself in the dorm, until I read number 2, and then I thought, "Hmm, maybe I DO miss Marilyn." I'm glad I know you:)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, there is a reason they make Nose Hair when is your birthday? LOL! ;-)
Love ya, Leslie