Saturday, November 8, 2008

ah...the weekend

You just gotta love the weekend. The one day that the alarm doesn't wake you up. The day you can have an afternoon nap from one to three and not feel delinquent.

Went to the farmer's market this morning. A farmer / marketer stood with a scarf pressed across her mouth - it seemed that cold to her. Not much for sale. Potatos. Roots. Bulbs. I chose the potatos. And eggs. Seems the chickens lay even when it is cold.

Tonight I watched a taped episode of House and ate leftovers. A steaming cup of hot coffee is my companion right now.

You just gotta love the weekend.


Krissi said...

Sounds wonderful. Liz and Matt (Hamilton) made spaghetti for all of us who were here on the third floor tonight. It was unexpected and beautifully fantastic. So it was a good evening up here on the third floor of Orleans, too.

And I've been wasting my day away avoiding a ten page paper by reading your blog, writing on mine, and buying a velvet suit at the mall, which is pure amazingness, especially with my new glasses;) Hope your Sunday goes well, too.

All 4 My Gals said...

That picture is too funny! His legs look longer than my husbands. LOL

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Love weekends!!! Today especially, Skipped our normal Sunday evening commitment to just be together. We napped and played, we imagined and built, we ate fresh popped popcorn and colored while listening to Christmas music. Nothing is better than a weekend that comes with refreshing. Too many have been causing us further exhaustion! Thanks for last weeks post on your time of rest.... it spoke to me... even made me feel a bit jealous...!!! So today we refreshed and it has been wonderfully perfect.
Smiling- Kirsten M.

(the new Casting Crowns Christmas CD is awesome)